Friday, September 12, 2008


Today I was in several discussions related to decisions making. 
Holing with whether she should change her placement. And Leanne, with whether she should change her major! 

I also have to make a decision on what I wanna do in the coming semester. Fun but difficult. 
a) Architecture and change of use
Basically - old buildings with new uses. Deals mainly with the design problems arising from making fundamental changes to the way a building is used. E.g. in redundant industrial, commercial or public structures. 
(pros) Have always been interested in these issues
(pros) the best professor
(cons) but she might be a more traditional professor
(cons) the description said - "will demand a high level of detailed design", totally freaked me out
(pros/cons) Most challenging - most of my classmates hate this field, as we did a similar project last semester. 

b) Designing a place for learning (primary school)
- Imagery/iconography of the type of building
- reading the site/ precedent studies. etc. etc.
- visiting primary school
(pros) in a way seems the easiest among the 3, but also less challenging
(pros) I do like things related to children/education
(pros/cons) Could be something that I (we) are more familiar with, and therefore not a good thing, as we will put in a lot of "personal views/experience", and end up having too much unfocused ideas. 

c) Reading Context
More related to the site, final project is to design a mixed use building incorporating several related functions including a new library for the town, a small exhibition space and a registrars office
(pros) I guess i am better in researching on a place etc. more than the actual designing bit, this project includes both
(pros) The Site is not in Edinburgh
(cons) The final project seems to be less focus, and could be more difficult
(cons) Dunno about the professor, just know he's young

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Sheung-yuen said...

Choose (a). Most challenging and interesting.

Kids will freak you out in (b).

You may fall in love with the young professor in (c).