Tuesday, September 16, 2008


She loves him, he loves her too.
Perhaps they have different perspective on love
He thinks she's always bored and idle.
She thinks he's so busy, that she doesn't dare talking to him most of the time.
She needed to ask another friend to say goodnight to her every night, so that she felt that she's cared, and everyday would end perfectly. He did a great job, even when he's having a high fever, or out late, he would use every way to say goodnight to her. She thought she no longer needed that, and it's right that they stopped it.
He loves to invite others to their meetups, but she thought that a relationship is supposed to be among two people but not a group.

Perhaps she's unsuitable to be in love. For the last remaining 48 hours before they part again, she wish to spend more time with him, but that's unrealistic. Unrealistic. Perhaps there is something about the difference, that makes them unable to understand eachother.
They define love and relationship differently. Does she actually know him? Does he actually know her? Are they actually being themselves?
Should we cut short anything that hurt ourselves?

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