Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dancing Sunlight, Windy Seaside

Dancing Sunlight, ironically best captured by the still painting of Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette. But in reality, yes, even more fascinating in reality, soft natural sunlight dancing on young green leaves, looks like little kids jumping from one place to another. 
Alone at windy seaside home tonight, so quiet, I like it. Sitting on cushions on my dark thick carpet. Better if accompanied by a white little smiley wolf. 

[A walk @ Aberdeen Reservoir today]

Have been concentrating on portfolio, not even on MSN/Skype, Maoshan - good girl! But I am a typical Aries, when I set a goal for my day, I will achieve it, even though it's happening slowly, but started already = very good, need some compliment, but require a lot more hard-work! 

There's a thing I really want to do tomorrow. I want to finish another big chunk of my portfolio, and want to paint outdoor. Last time when I was in Dbay, two young girls were painting with an easel by the sea with acrylic (canvas, around 30 cm x 30 cm) there are quite several things I desperately want to paint, really wanna go to artjamming, but don't wanna stay indoor on such a beautiful day. 
[Girls painting outside a restaurant; Dbay PCC] 
I remember a little piece of slope that I like on the hiking route from HK Parkview to Quarry Bay, really nice as well, lying on the grass, with the wind of the hills. Anyone wanna paint outdoor tomorrow?
Since I dun have all my painting stuff in HK, it'd be better to go to Dbay tmr, as there's an art shop there.


Wai Sum said...

Let's go dbay haha i needa work too n give u the limited edition tv buddy.
Btw, gd girl connie!

wydes said...

not even msn maoOO! bow!!
and faint* --> limited edition tv buddy