Thursday, April 8, 2010

Now Hiring

Maybe i can have a seaside studio and cafe and bookshop that sells crepe and macaroon, and........ soup, employ someone to make bread, swedish dark rye bread, maybe i can colonize the pier of cyberport, make it like the one in naoshima, so it's like glass boxes with floating roof, and then people walking dog can sit outdoor, it's also like the pavilion in the london thames barrier park (refer to the album on my facebook which I don't want to search through). 

I am sure there will be ppl who wanna come to read, by the sea, in the glassbox, have a cup of lavender milk tea or lily of the valley coffee, spices of bergamot or cardamon while watching sunset. since it's good location, i am sure d HKU prof, and students, and bel-air d dog walkers will wanna come, only 15 minutes away from Central (90 minutes if walking), 
I need to hire many people, cuz I dun wanna do EVERYTHING myself. Hiring.

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