Thursday, April 8, 2010

中環. 我們都愛周街坐

"integrated into the city's fabric..."
Only a narrow street apart, there's very expensive japanese restaurant, and a hawker with broken umbrella... very steep Peel Street. Where Chocolux and Brunch Club is located. 
One of the best thing is its free wifi? and the whole walls of magazine (behind the curtain, including Vogue, Times, Newsweek...etc. etc. blah blah) And that we could sit in such a hea way, and that all the customers are foreigners, so we don't need to listen to weird conversations... 
Brunch Club opens at 8:00 am, a bit late. This pic is about my badge filled bag, but not clear wor....
Like, Niki and her Egg benedict, and our two apples
What's behind the Chinese door? 

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