Sunday, April 25, 2010

A day at dbay : )

還未畫完一幅畫便要走,找天要好好去坐, 周末的愉景灣很熱鬧,風很大,飛機很多,Banoffee pie 不錯。
(Edited, 等我upload埋nick d leng leng 相先)
[又點可以唔放同jacky見面的相呢!!! jacky ho! 好耐無見呀!!]
[I love Hedgy bb & Blackie bebe]
[bebebee hedgy bebe]


wydes said...

好.天氣 =]

Michelle said...

maoshan keeps introducing your friends to each other XD
so nice in dbay....blackie and hedgy seems so happy too!
want to go back NOWWWWWWWW