Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A little fall of rain

... and rain will make the flowers grow

兩個blog名都很喜歡,有沒有說過rain of flower 是怎麼來的呢?
是一個burma traditional belief,天空下起毛毛兩,是花花雨,是上天給人們的祝福
(do you know i love polka dots lol...) 

至於Silva rerum/Forest of Things,大家就好熟悉啦. 
Silva rerum - latin for forest of things that contain various informations - diary-type entires on current events, memoirs, letters, political speeches, copies of legal documents, gossips, jokes and anecdotes, financial documents, economic information (price of grain, etc.), philosophical musings, poems, genealogical trees, advice (agricultural, medical, moral) etc...


Michelle said...

a little fall of rain - les mis number!

wydes said...

i nva knew!!! like*