Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Nutella vs. Dark Chocolate

Banana + Nutella 比較有童真, 但黑朱古力呢,就少D糖
昨天沒吃crepe,不想吃香港那些勁大球雪糕的假crepe,所以去了中環Simplicity食真crepe, to compensate 已經由屋企好快咁行出中環,請別少看這段路,沙灣徑沙宣道(仲有數碼港道)都係1:8 or above上斜,出好多汗。早餐吃了屋企煲的粥,晚餐也吃了乖野3塊tuna + 好多菜同三片potato. but could still do much better la.... really wanna play tennis. �to 
Real Crepe, the door of this place is huge, and doesn't look like a door. Nice view also, nice place nice place. wanna try sometimes? We both felt very satisfied after eating the crepe
Looks more like somewhere else like Singapore, except it has the steep beautiful roads of Central! Ah HK, nei HOOOOO leng. also has outside sitting area like sift la. 

Hi Architect? 

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