Monday, September 13, 2010

Sharing art on a rainy day

Despite of many complicated factors that is beyond my ability to understand, I feel extremely fortunate to be able to meet Tsubuan-san and his mom, and also spend the past two days with many art lovers during the one day sale and demonstration. Thanks to Shizue in organizing such occasion, something very precious for HK's art scene. met a lot of old friends of p*m and first time visitors, and received many small gifts, food, and personal message after the two days' over. It is indeed very challenging for us in many aspects, but being an art lover and (unprofessional) illustrator myself, I very understand that every little message counts very much. 
The past week was very tiring for both Joey and I, but we have both indeed learnt a lot from Shizue, whom pays attention to even the tiniest details. During the demonstration, both of us were really worried on whether Tsubuan san would be too thirsty/hungry or tired! But having worked with Japanese before, we understand how serious, attentive and respectful they are towards doing everything. We had a nice dinner together afterwards where he shared his experience in big festa and handmade markets in Japan - where they have to look after the booth from 9 am to 11 pm, can't even go to toilet!!! Unbelievable! It is very great to see that people are enjoying! There are so much I learnt recently... so glad also to have Joey.. 
Misses phoebe very much too, can you come back to HK? 
As for now, it's time to rest, as we still have japanese lesson fresh and early tomorrow! 

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joey said...

well..I have a meeting at 8:30am and have to work until whenever the whole coming week... I reli need the panda stamps by Tsubuan presenting the recent me >.<