Wednesday, December 8, 2010

a tranquil winter night

Just had a really nice evening with tennis, it's really different to play with ging ppl, i wish i could play tennis every night.......
blocked nose is so uncomfortable! why all of a sudden? night time is a mysterious time, so thankful for the pre-arranged trip upcoming in December, quite unexpected but proved to be an appropriate choice.
There are still so much things to be planned.
And so many goals to be reached!
loving December*

P.S. there are just way too many good restaurants in HK, esp Central, was joking with my friend how 一個中環 滿足晒你所有願望
Many places to go, now that more friends are back, Limehouse, Taku, press room, butao, sift, riquiqui... too many too many. let me write about them next time.

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