Tuesday, December 14, 2010

swirling clouds in violet haze

hint. want to artjam, serenity, seaside, candles, xmas songs, love, macarons, presents, wo wo. lacking - xmas tree. 
date: eve
materials required: christmas songs, aubrey, vincent, paintbrushes, acrylic, canvas, easel, lamps
food: mulled wine, gingerbread latte, milk, wine, macaron, beetroot salad, cheesecake, pavlova, turkey with cranberry sauce, mimolette, various type of cheese, creme brulee
moving my seaside studio twenty-seven floors above me
tone: dark with woodlog candles from Lane Crawford, shiny sparkling colours dripping down from canvas like those of tsumori chisato
dress code: colourful and sparkling like tsumori chisato. 
music: soft, seaside romance, dark, quiet, excited in heartbeat but controlled.

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