Monday, December 13, 2010

maple and mascarpone

may i list. what we have put into our stomachs today (a group of people of course) we started drinking while having brunch at the Press Room, then dessert & wine at Sift, dinner and beer at Innside-out, left and then back to Innside-out for another round, then Yakitoritei in Happy Valley for another round. we drank too much today, and I feel too full now... ah....:S
Eggs Florentine, Bloody Mary, Lobster risotto, caesar salad, chardonnay gelee, chocolate pavlova with strawberries, chocolate fantasie, apple tarte tartin, apple cider granite, maple & mascarpone cheesecake, wine, rose, and more wine, nachos, beer, aloe vera.... etc.
Elaine and I both goes maniac whenever our iphone starts getting out of battery....
let's start tomorrow with jogging.

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