Thursday, December 2, 2010

lucky mao

Today was a beautiful and extremely eventful day : )
Met many new and old friends, got gifts from japan! (pooka, know me so well ;), free champagne, delicious dessert and nice nice chats. also worked with some older kids today.
Made another new friend today who had beautiful polka dots too! ah, i love that pic, as if we found someone who's the "same" :P
Feel 20% happier through the process of writing a thank you note.
constantly staring at the unfinished 2010 xmas card, and already thinking what to write to those people. like my instant health boost rules have pointed out before, pen a thank you note (similar to writing xmas cards) makes you 20% happier! consider writing a xmas card again this year.
watching yung chocho's concert clips on youtube, ahhhh, so happy, remember second year easter, I flew back to hong kong for her starlight concert and birthday : ) like that she worked so hard for what she have today.

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