Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ces petits rien

極度之後悔昨天沒跟shabu shabu店的彈彈長長片片杏仁tofu影相.One of the best thing about this hotel is its playlist :P lots of good music, watching tv was quite fun too. Had shabu shabu with matthew and pansy last night, it was really great, loved the texture of the food, but I was still very full when i woke up this morning :P Also got some nougat and truffles from *Mrs. Mok's Kitchen*! Pansy should start her own kitchen! I can do some brochure and menu design for her! Watched a bit of 海派甜心 lol, it was actually ok hahaa... there's one part that got me thinking about relationships... interesting.
There's various things to be done now. And I really want to get another big moleskine - cuz I used mine for the Happy Valley Project - do you think I should get the watercolour paper one or the traditional sketchbook paper one, advices needed please!

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