Wednesday, December 22, 2010

the giant maze

旅行總是會看到很多得意有趣的東西, makes you feel very inspired.
Had a very filling day today, can't believe just exactly how much food we have had! Bought lots of cute and pretty small things today, and had a lot of delicious and interesting food, the night markets are very .... 得意!
Now there's so much so much I wanna do..... when would I have time to do all these stuff.....
got beautiful xmas clothes for hedgy bebe and blackie after sooooo long! omg... so good
We used to always thought of traveling here together, I'm sure it would have been fun if we were to do so...but life's never perfect, and we learn and grow through adversity. people say, the harder you fall, the higher you bounce, there are friends of mine that believe that we don't necessary have to learn by mistakes, but I always think that personal experience is the best, valuable, even though painful.

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