Friday, December 3, 2010

Laduree x Cedric Rivrain

十二點半收到朋友仔電話,適逄我極想快點去visit macaron 中最正的Paris Laduree,所以即刻飛出中環,睇左兩個display 緊Picasso 的gallery, 好鍾意。跟住就crazy shopping, 朋友仔買左十支限量版酒,我就好開心咁買左好好好好味的paris macaron, 好開心,上次係o係paris transit, terminal 的laduree 特登買返香港俾朋友仔。Laduree x Cedric Rivarain in Central, is really like dream come true!
Especially love the rose flavour, cuz it also contains a lot of ginger, beautiful! Ah, remember yesterday when i was tasting the white wine, Bobby kept describing the autumn leaves, dried white flowers, taste of soil......
As said before, good food is only good when people around you enjoy it too!
Then, we went to Robuchon, then agnes b in Quarry Bay, then challenging but interesting work!

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and i wanted to go!!