Saturday, December 11, 2010

café au lait avec miel

在moleskine 畫了一個很能夠代表今天心情的畫畫,平時看着小朋友畫畫畫得咁靚咁自由咁開心,自已卻find that very difficult. There are moments when comfort food aren't comforting. Saturday with kiddies is better than Saturday on the street, it's really extremely difficult to walk through the crowd... Want to drink a cup of lait et miel or café au lait avec miel, in pottery pot naturally, in the suburb of Paris? do they exist in Hong Kong... not very pleasing place, occasionally. 
Back to the kids, the other day I was talking with Philip 哥哥on how great it'd be if we could paint outdoor instead, yes, how great if we could paint outdoor, like the Park near Highgate cemetery in London. Or the magical Pavilion of Hyde Park that sparkles at night time... I want to cancel anything on my schedule from today onwards, of course that's impossible. Too much socialization is extremely tiring. Ok, I did the same thing before last xmas, and I am doing it again now. it's too expensive... can anyone sponsor me..?

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