Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sweet sweet friends from Japan

I always wonder whether the obstruction of language between us makes everything a lot more innocent, like kids playing with each other. Starting to get sweet email replies from my new and old friends from Japan. 
While in Niigata, I always made fun of Yoshiko as Yoshiko maki, once she scared me with cicadas in her hand, so I painted a drawing of her sleeping with snakes and cicadas to make fun of her. She took the painting home and turned the it into a clock, just like Phoebe's "canvas that work"... it's something I always wanted to make, didn't thought she'd do that. but in any case, all of their emails are extremely sweet, and I miss them a lot.
She also said "Yellow and white cats lamp is in my bed room. I read books with the lamp. It's very good. I can dream happy."Don't you think it's extremely sweet? ahhhhh : ) I miss all of them. 

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