Tuesday, August 10, 2010

「回到」東京 04 - Home

First pondered on whether it is not appropriate to casually call a place home, then followed by "my" common sensation of not being to easily find a place where I could call "home". Home alone today, everyone is out, last night we all had barbeque together! Both of Angel's sons are back, Tsuyoshi and his wife Naomi are back from San Francisco, they both studied aboard in UCL, Italy, US and Aussie, so speak very good English. Naomi is indeed very nice. 
Unluckily it was raining a bit, so we had barbeque half indoor, Yoshiko and Tadashi did all the cooking since they are close to the fire, it's so nice looking at the lamp of the garden and the little rain while enjoying the cosiness of the house. 
Painting a lamp in a very japanese room now, it's great to be living in a Japanese house, no? surrounded by nature, but those 蟬 are very noisy lol, I don't really understand thsee houses, there doors and windows and the garden gates are all opened, everyone can easily break in! and there's no alarm........ mysterious. 
Really wanna draw a plan of this very beautiful Japanese home. Probably do it after i finish the lamp. Naomi and Tsuyoshi are leaving Japan tomorrow, so they left the house already, Naomi was saying more than once that we would probably meet again very soon in japan...lol......

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