Friday, August 6, 2010


きょわspent the morning in house, had a nice breakfast together, walked chako the shiba inu a bit, and then we went on a big car trip to drop off and pick up people, first of all angel to her choral practice, tadashi to work, and then venus, yoshiko and me to ONSEN! 温泉って気持ちいいですね! Very beautiful onsen with lots of green surrounding, and very smooth skin after onsen! Amazing how we could be surrounded by such rich nature just an hour away Tokyo city centre!
At night, we travelled on JR into the city centre of Tokyo for a little concert in a tiny live music house, quite an interesting scene that I have not seen in Tokyo. It's Angel's high school friend reunion! They are all very interesting and beautiful woman even in their 50s, and very active in the art scene around Tokyo, teaching ballet, chorus, playing piano, painting and knows a lot of artists and singers. The singer is also their high school friend. Will continue to start writing in more and more basic English ね, as I am lost in translation living with the 日本人ね。明日わ花火祭りね!

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