Sunday, August 29, 2010

A day of rain and love

Sometimes it's so difficult to write about a day within one entry :P
A rainy day, a nice swim, an interesting afternoon meeting very sweet and lovely rubber stamp artists, an evening of Japanese drinks, crazy singing, followed by exciting midnight chats...
These young artists seems to be another beautiful little community living within an innocent but magical world. Of course there's also our "Meet the Artists" event, Eric once again turns into a very serious and excited teacher when talking about photos and cameras. His passion is something so genuine and admirable.
Even though it's not me who's leaving Hong Kong this time, there's still an urgency, to want to do all the things we could within the remaining two weeks :P 
Haven't been painting on a canvas for awhile, quite looking forward to paint : ) Also looking forward to early mid-autumn festival celebration, wonder if this could materialize? 
Ah, full of fun, full of challenges, full of love : ) Wanted to exclaim again :P Why's everyday so good?
For now, let me listen to the new CD bought yesterday

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