Tuesday, August 3, 2010

細味京都 07

for the white and pink fluffy sakura, for the flowing river, for the *matcha*, for the sweet tofu, for the cats, for mo-an's serenity, for cafe bibliotic, for momuteki's matcha latte, for ginkokgi in winter snow, for kaiseki, for the kimono and yukata, for the endless hills of red leaves, for the biking, for the markets, for the handmade market, for the home like efish, for to see a rainy day in kyoto, for ando's pottery museum, for the ceramic cups of the 和菓子店, for all the beautiful printed paper, for the walk in between bamboo forest, for the beautiful inspirations from sou sou, in summer, in spring, in wool scarfs, under yellow leaves, for its gracefulness & elegance, kyoto.... definitely worth many more visits. 
can u believe it, i already miss kyoto... 

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