Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tokyo - 黑色圖書吧

Discovered another really must go place in Tokyo, thanks to my sister! Wouldn't normally choose to go to a bar if it wasn't her choice.It's hidden in the tiny streets near Roppongi, a dark library bar + cafe that opens from 19:30 - 04:00 every night, so wish there's such a place in Hong Kong. It's so beautiful, with thousand of artistic books around, all the seats are like niches surrounded by books, with wonderful music.
My sis talked with the guy there a bit, and he showed us around to another secret lounge in the building where the hidden torch was lit on the top floor, and a beautiful rooftop with the view of Roppongi Hills and Shinjuku under tonight's full moon, seriously.....
He even told us to make sure to come back to Tokyo in winter - how can he read our minds :P
This makes me wish I live in Tokyo....

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