Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tokyo - morning

"Lose an hour in the morning, and you will spend all day hunting for it" - forgot who ..
Went out for a little walk to get breakfast this morning, I love that the world seems to be mine before 7 am, air seems fresher and cleaner, and streets so quiet, it's cloudy again, how beautiful. Was thinking to stay in today, all day, and just go to bookshop to get inspirations, since I am out of money. Yet I realize that there's a "handmade market" somewhere in Tokyo just today, feel like I should go, since I have missed so many, and really wanna try selling things at one of them sometimes in the future. This kinda spontaneous discoveries feels very much like the days when I was working in Beijing, spending a lot of time to search for interesting little things to go to, and pondering whether to stay in or go out for the day. Thinking back to those days there, I am not sure whether it was good or not - working aboard alone in Beijing, maybe not the best mentally, but surely interesting eyes-widening cultural experience, no? This also leads to other endless ponders that probably has no answers. 
I have also always wanted to write about the queues during rush hour in Tokyo's JR platforms, unbelievably orderly and straight, having lived a little while in 東京 and 北京 I feel like i have seen the best and the worst in the world - in terms of queues. I love Beijing people and the city, but they just have no sense of queuing, remember those days of getting into the elevator or the bus to get to work, I feel like they will push over the bus, sometimes I walk down 21/F from my office instead of waiting for the lift.... no kidding, I was afraid that the lift will break down soon...... i mean....seriously............ but I still think it's a beautiful place. here too, everywhere is beautiful lol :P (sounds weird or stupid, but i really think so maa.....) 

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