Tuesday, August 3, 2010

細味京都 06 - カフェ

if efish is a riverside home, cafe bibliotic a library, then mo-an must be a perfect studio.
was the first customer there this morning, walked up the hills, under the very blue sky and very white clouds, like Japanese animation, no joke, and can see the 大文字山of kyoto from afar! ah, the view is a bit like some safari jungle, don't u think? the green green green + blue blue hills afar and the whole city below you + big big logs supporting the roof, instantly makes one fall in love with it, no? as good as honmura.
there were so many so many trees, all wrapping around you, layers of green, and beyond that are red trees..... 
now back at efish, after a long long day, i am here because I am really so tired and can't go anywhere else, i carried so much stuff with me today..... really want to paint more lamps, a lot more that i wanna do in fact. 
today was satisfying.
today was cho atsui. but still great. 
the view of the flowing river is addictive.
the view of the moving bamboo is addictive 
the sound of rain is addictive; the sound of wind is addictive... 

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