Sunday, August 1, 2010

細味京都 03

Captured in a still picture is certain momentary beauty, experienced in reality is often very different, beautiful as well, but along with that is pain from sunshine, itch from sweat, or sweet scent lingering from tea, flowing series of thoughts and sounds of dripping raindrops... Things are always at once so enthralling but illusive - what is real and what is not, most of the things just don't seems to have an answer. Isn't it scary when there is something that haunts your everyday life? 
Last year in London, I acquired a series of chimes, this year I added on a chime to my chime bracelet, I already cannot tell whether this is an award or a reminder - but I know for sure that this is also a yuanfen encounter. (How exactly is this word like in english? Destiny?!) This chime reminds me of my own power, of the importance of confidence, and also awareness. Realize that I will be in no way be able to see 10% of the important things (i think) in Kyoto - there is just too much to see - it resembles other old cities that I adore very much such as Paris and Beijing, exactly is a 博大精深的古都, requires a year to see it in sakura, snow, red leaves, to go to all the cafes from 錦市場 to 嵐山,to experience the matsuri (祭) over the year, and drink green tea in morning sunshine and rainy afternoons... Old cities - each of them has something so unique, culturally unique, and so beautiful about them - just like people with 氣質. 
Biked up some hills to a shirne at 7am, sweat so much, which is good. Went to a very beautiful cafe afterwards - there's just no space that could compare to it in Hong Kong - unfortunately. Beautiful spaces are so inspirational, provoke you into endless flow of thoughts, so by 2 pm I have only finished reading one book and done nothing else. Don't understand why I never have enough time, even though i am doing nothing already.... 
Spent the afternoon discovering a beautiful design district, with lots of small shops... kyoto elegance, a very mature kind of elegance. 
Was thinking of a matter that have always disturb me while biking back home in the dark, I think I know the answer. Home is where your heart is, remember? 

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