Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Echigo-Tsumari - Back in Tokamachi!

Have not thought that I would be back in Tokamachi in Echigo Tsumari after a year, and haven't even planned to come here during this trip, but very fortunately Angel etc. are coming from Tokyo just the right time, so I got to come along with their car, drove along the beautiful mountains, and went to onsen under the starry skies!!! 
Amazing Niigata rice iceee after onsen!
Ah beautiful Echigo-Tsumari, beautiful open sky! big fields.... starry skies... 
Sharing a house with many many people, great life in the countryside, going to see Toko's baby! Everyone is out for party now, we just arrived, cannot wait to see everyone back!
It's Japan High School Baseball league these days, so ging! their cheering team and the players! Everyone is crazy about it..!

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