Saturday, August 28, 2010

Towards an Autumn Perfection

Woke up to a beautiful rainbow on my first day back home.
Still remember earlier, I didn't really wanted to go to Japan before the trip started, and then it grew into not wanting to come back - very me indeed :P

 There are a lot of little things on an everyday level that I am not used to upon returning to HK! 
I guess this "little-long" trip was part of an important process to prepare for my permanently return back home. There's a lot to get on track, finally being in a place for good, on a positive note, I could perfect my tennis, yoga, start swimming everyday again, take my easel out, be enclosed by all the treasures I acquired, organize beautiful seaside parties, continue Japanese lessons; and also start working on something I truly love : ) Joey and I joined Shizue in unpacking the exciting new exhibition items - can't wait to see them all displayed!
Yet at the same time, I realize there's a lot of emotional baggage to overcome upon returning, a little more than i expected - surprisingly... And being at home/at a place for good, is still a concept I have to get used to.
Persistency,also. Not easy, but not impossible : ) 

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