Friday, August 6, 2010


tadashi's drawing (25 years ago?!), so cute, with hedgehog
the other day I had a random thought of how guilty I would feel if the liquid paint cleaner i use accidentally set the old Japanese house I live in on fire... their homes are so different from ours, first of all it's a lot bigger and older, with many more art work (of their own, their friends, their ancesters) everywhere, and sculptures HUGE sculptures all around the garden, the feeling of "building a home" is very strong, also, it seems to have so much memories and histories embedded... Unlike the tall HK apartments that completely disregards the traditional customs the decor and layout of the homes here comprises many traditional elements.
 Thought of "In praise of shadows" or the "Poetic of Space" wow, architecture books...
Now at the suburb of Tokyo, the big bulb of light of Tokyo could be seen from the hills at night, feels so at home here away from home. This is the home of Seizo's assistant, the children book illustrator I worked for in Niigata last year. Welcomed by Yoshiko, Angel and Venus with a welcoming dinner in the sculpture garden with also Chako the shiba inu, Mary the goat and the two cute cats... even tho they are all not young but they all play very well piano!!!! Angel's son Tadashi, who's a graphic designer/illustrator, also came back home for the weekend. 
very ureshii.

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